Dream Child Fertility Center

Dream Child Fertility Center – In Vitro Fertilization (Ivf)

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a procedure designed to improve fertilization. An egg, or several eggs, are surgically removed from the ovary and are fertilized within a laboratory environment. The fertilized egg, now considered an embryo, is then implanted into the uterus.

Ivf Is Appropriate For

  • Women who have absent or non-surgically repairable fallopian tubes
  • Women who have endometriosis and haven’t been able to achieve pregnancy after surgical or medical treatment
  • Women who have ovulatory dysfunction who haven’t been able to achieve pregnancy after regular ovulation induction
  • Females with a history of DES exposure during pregnancy (T-shaped uterus)
  • Couples experiencing unexplained infertility
  • Couples for whom the husband has severe low sperm count, was born with congenital absence of the vas deferens (the tube that carries sperm from the testicles to outside the penis), has failed vasectomy reversal or has a history of anti-sperm antibodies

Follicular Development

In order to stimulate follicles in the ovaries to produce healthy, mature eggs, a woman will receive injectable hormones administered at home for a period of ten to twenty days. The Dream Child Fertility Center provides orientation classes to help couples become comfortable with this process.

Intensive follow up every three to four days by blood test and ultrasound are important for the appropriate medical treatment. The eggs develop inside fluid-filled cysts called follicles. Once the follicles reach 18 millimeters in diameter, the patient will receive a different hormone to complete the maturation of the eggs. This is also administered at home by injection.

At Dream Child, IVF Centre in Delhi and Delhi are the most preferred fertility treatment centers for aspiring couples wanting to have baby. Our advanced ART Treatment Clinic offers treatment in Fertility, IVF, IUI and ICSI.

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